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PBR 722

Patrol Boat River 31RP722
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Dedicated to the preservation of the PBR legend.

PBR 722
PBR 722 3rd from left
PBR 722 (Top left) in drydock at Mare Island Naval Shipyard,                                              California
PBR 722 5th boat towards left, Mare Island
PBR 722 in service, US Navy Seals SBUXI training Mare Island California. Note she was one of only 2 hard tops in operation
    PBR 722 at old McClellan Air Force Dock in                                    Sacramento
Loading PBR 722 for the big move to                   Bellingham, Washington
PBR 722 at Bellingham Maritime Museum
PBR 722 Under cover
PBR 722 (left) at Bellingham Maritime Museum
 PBR 722 at Port of Everett Marina 
Raytheon 1900 Radar NOS 1969
Sireno ED1 Siren (Primed)

Danforth / White Compass

Carlisle & Finch 1 Mile Searchlight
Original US Navy Flag used on PBR in Vietnam
Valley Forge Flag Co, Inc. DSA100-68-C-1785
USN M1 Helmet PBR

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