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Pro Boat 21 Inch PBR. R/C Twin engined Jet Boat

Vantex 105 River Patrol Boat, Gas Powered R/C Model- 1300mm x 480mm x 400mm ​ 

GI Joe rare 1999 James Desimone PBR

G.I. Joe 12" Scale PBR Vietnam Patrol Boat River "Pibber"

1999 Custom Made.


This is a G.I. Joe custom Vietnam PBR Patrol Boat River.  This is the only boat in the hobby for 12" action figures. It came with a rotating rear .50 cal mount/gun and rotating front turret with twin .50 cal machine guns, plastic canopy, cloth for canopy, radar bell, 1 brown plastic antenna mast, and the 8 wooden dowels. This is made of unbreakable plastic, has a flat bottom to be stable, floats with 25 lbs and can easily be made for r/c. Holds twenty 12" figures (equipment permitting)!

This boat is one of a very small number that was made by an individual James Desimone and either given away or sold at the G. I. Joe Show/Sale at the Gateway Centre in Saint Louis, MO. on July 25th, 1999. This is not a Hasbro Toy.

Measures: 40" Long X 17" Wide X 10" Tall

Another example of GI Joe´s James Desimone PBR

Extremely rare make your own cut out PBR toy, distributed by PBR crews on the Mekong Delta to Vietnamese kids for a short period in 1969. 450mm x 300mm 

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